Which best 20000 mAh Anker power bank

Could u please help me deciding which is best 20000mAh anker power bank ? :tired_face::tired_face:
PowerCore Speed 20000
PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded]
PowerCore Elite 20000
PowerCore Lite 20000
PowerCore II 20000
PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C
PowerCore Speed 20000

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The best one for you depends on how you will use it, what device you have and whether it benefits from quick charge, USB-C Power Delivery, if weight and size matters, and material design.

Its subjective without knowing more about where and how you will use it


I mainly use 1 device which i use on daily basis its an iphone 7+ , but am always using it , whether surfing the internet on LTE , playing games , music , etc , you name it i use it , So what is the best choice regarding durability and material , i think their sizes are all similar ! Arent they ? , i have another question though , you mean by fast charging
That the power bank can be charged very fast , or it can charge my iphone very fast because iphone doesn’t include fast charging trait


Well, the most powerful is PowerCore+ 19000 PD, but that might not be the best option for you.

Every 20000 mAh portable charger Anker currently offers is going to charge your iPhone at the fastest possible rate. In terms of recharging the power bank, the ones with PD will be the fastest, followed by those with QC input, dual input, and finally those with a standard input.


You should look at all the specs on amazon or Ankers website, and make a decision that way.

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If it’s for iPhone I’d say 20000 is overkill. 10000 should be ample. To use with the phone all the time having a phone shaped bank would be easier to hold and move with together including in a pocket.

So this


For what you use I personally am fine with 5000


And then pair it with


Then you can recharge both phone and battery in parallel when near a wall socket.


Iam still confused man the one with PD to work perfectly needs it’s own charger and that is expensive i don’t think recharging time is my 1st priority here but i think how much time it charging my iphone and how much time it takes and the powerful too whence the material so iam very confused

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I think most of the specs are the same not big difference
Thats why iam asking here ?

I don’t like small capacities because i charge my phone 2 3 times a day and most time traveling so i don’t back home for along time

iPhone 7+ battety 2900mah. To recharge it 3 times needs 13000mAh. So 10000mAh is about right for you. You’re mentioning only a phone which implies you are moving like walking a lot so it’s handheld abd bigger battery is larger.


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If you’re using an iPhone 7, the only factors are durability, and weight. Charging is bottlnecked by the iPhone.


Yes i know that 13000 and 10000 are good for one day use but the problem that iam staying far from home for two and three days so the weight and the the siza are not so important to me as i have my back bag always with me that’s why i need the 20000 mAh

Weight is not so important to me as durability

So you keep changing what you are saying. You say 2-3 days and you say 2-3 recharges/day, so that needs 3x3x2900*3/2=39150mah so you’d need two 20000mAh powerbanks. Each would probably need fast recharging given the energy input.

You then mention durability. Well two 13000 is safer than one 20000 as if one of them broke you’d have the other. 20000 is heavier than 13000 so 20000 is more likely to break. If you actually needed 20000 and you wanted durability you’d go with 2 10000 as if one 10000 broke you’d have the other 10000.

So you see the problem asking for advice and giving vague or contradictory or changing requirements…

The recharge problem is the main difference across all these 20000mAh powerbanks, how much time they take to be recharged. So knowing actually what problem you are trying to solve is key to getting good recommendations here.

All Anker products are good quality. Their price varies over time.