Which Anker's power bank is best among all?

I am looking to buy a power bank. Anker has so many options with that. Anyone suggest me which one i should buy it ?

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If you have the money, I say the PowerCore 26800, the thing has 2 inputs so it can be charged in 6.5 hours with a capable wall outlet, or you could go through tride and true 20100

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They are all pretty good, it depends on your needs I guess?

I second this. I have the 26800 with dual recharge inputs and this thing is a beast and pretty much all the power you would ever need for your electronics devices.

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If size is a factor, I like the PowerCore+ 13400. Otherwise I go with the PowerCore 26800.

Thanks for the response, it should be easy to carry, and at least provide 3 times full charge.

If size is a factor then the Powercore 10000 followed by the (slow to charge) Powercore 20000 followed by Powercore 26800.

It really depends on how often you would be willing or would want to charge it.

the one that supports Qualcomm quick charge

Just that general type of charger? I do like speed.

Why do you like speed? Which speed?

Surely the battery is with you always but you’re not so much near mains power so it matters more USB battery pack input than its output?

Not any speed specific, just like when my phone charges quicker, probably more input than output.

Think in this descending order:

  1. How am I going to carry it? Pocket, bag?

  2. How much total power do I actually need?

  3. What matters most between the USB battery size/weight, its power output speed, its power input speed?

In the 1) topic If you are just in clothes and moving a long busy day then the slimness and smallness matters most. Of these then the Powercore mini 3400, then the Powercore Slim 5000 stand out as first choices. Which of these is sufficient is down to 2) reply. I use a 1/2 to 2/3rds rough guide for recharge capacity, e.g. a 2500 internal phone battery if you want to allow for 1/2 full recharge is 2500/2=1250 and a USB battery of 2500mah would be giving at least 1250 output, so a mini would do but if you wanted say 1 full recharge then 2500 / 0.5 = 5000mah would give more to full recharge.

Are you going to want to plug in the external USB battery “proactively” like say you plug it in before your phone dies defensively so its output speed matters little, or are you intending to be reactive and wait til your phone is dying before you plug in then you’re likely wanting a faster USB battery output current. That impacts the cost you pay, the weight and size of the USB battery. So say the mini is 1A output fairly slow but if you used the mini defensively that doesnt matter, but if you were reactive then you’d be more wanting a 2A input like the Slim or the Powercore 5000.

If you plugged it in earlier you’d give it more time so its speed matters less?

If you do the maths, the faster chargers are larger, heavier, more expensive.

The free powerbank will be plenty enough for my needs

I would recommend the PowerCore line. Beyond that it really depends on what size/capacity you need. I have everything from 4000 mAh, which is about the same size as their flashlight to the PowerCore 26800, which will keep my phone and tablet charged for a week, as well as a few other models in between.

What I grab depends on where I’m going, how long I’m going for and how many other people will want to plug into my power bank…

I can only vouch for the PowerCore 20100. 13000-14000 measured mAh charging iphones, 1.7-1.8A measured charging current with a good USB cable (eg its own) and iPad charger, 1.75A measured output with good lighting cable to iPad.
The real capacity and speed of powerbanks varies a LOT. Get a USB multimeter and measure your own… You’ll be surprised!

Hey guys! Which power bank do you guys think is the best power bank for travel? Accepting any series from Anker! Leave your suggestions!

It entirely depends on what you need to change with the Anker, hour often, and how much money you want to spend. If you only need it to charge your phone a couple of times then a PowerCore 5000 might be perfect. If you need to charge lots of devices every day then you might want a PowerCore 26800.

For long or short trips? It depends whether or not you care about speed. If you want one with a lot of mAh, you should go for the PowerCore 26800. Personally, when I travel, I use my PowerCore 5000 because at the end of the day, I usually just recharge it for the next day. It also depends on your access to charging ports.