Which Anker USB Type-C charger supports 12V output

Greeting to the community,
I have a wireless charging pad that only supports a QC and PD charger that supports 12V 2A power.
I would like to know which Anker Type-C charger supports 12V output.


The charger’s specification is a little bit odd, since any voltage other than 12V would not work, and even the power adapter that don’t support 2A@12V would not work as well

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Which charging pad do you have?

12V on USB PD is an optional power profile. As such Anker wall chargers (that I’m aware of) do not support 12V. There are other chargers from other brands which do offer 12V support over USB PD. If you’re certain the wireless charger supports Quick Charge too you may find 12V on an older Anker charger with Quick Charge 3.0 support.

Are you certain your wireless charger only supports 12V/2A input? That is against USB PD specs and isn’t standard for Quick Charge either. That may be the “high” power profile. But it should also support 9V. If it does indeed only support 12V I’d recommend replacing it.

I’m certain that this wireless charger only supports 12V QC input (which also works on a PD charger that supports 12V output).

I’ve tried using a 5V only charger and PD charger that does not have 12V (the Anker charger, which supports 9V), the wireless charging pad does not recognize them and could not draw any power.

Also tried using a 18W PD and QC charger that supports 12V 1.5A, still does not work.