Which Anker product do you most want to buy in 2019?

I’m thinking of ringing in the new year by treating myself to an Eufy vacuum, and was wondering what products you guys have your eyes set on for the new year?


I’ve got my eyes on some more SoundCore goodies and would love to get a RoboVac and something from Nebula!

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Maybe a wireless charger or some more long lightning cables.

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A RoboVac would be very helpful.

“Willi” our 11S is doing in our house a really good job since 3/4 year.
No issues at all.

BUT I really care about him.
And he needs some care of course.

Cleaning him properly after every job,
so he got no diseases.

As I am not a friend of any wireless home installations the 11S is fine for me.
The more software the more failures. :grin:

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Actually can I change mine to include a robovac lol as gf just informed me that cus I’m still off work I could do some vacuuming :joy:

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@k_pug2003 don’t go and “accidentally” break the current hoover now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Possibly a ROAV Viva Pro, Eufy Robovac (would really help with the dog shedding), probably going to need some earbuds at some point during the year. I have more speakers than I need right now but that Model Zero is extremely tempting. If they made one with Alexa, I’d probably be unable to resist.


The Zero is really fine.

You might wait what the others who got this speaker for testing will tell us about.
But please let them some time to do so.

I am really waiting in suspense too. :grin:

The RoboVac 11S I can tell you about, strolling around under my writing desk now, doing his daily job.

Not a slave, a friend named Willi! :joy:


@fhassm I’ve got a friend called Willi but he’s banned from being out in public… :roll_eyes::wink:

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I already published a photo!

Here he is :slight_smile:

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The reviews I’ve seen so far for the Zero have been quite happy with the sound and confused by the styling. I like the styling though!

Just remembered we were supposed to get a Soundcore Flare S+, which will have Alexa. Had forgotten about that, but it’s another product that would interest me.

This is a rather negative review on Amazon U.K.

“The tweeter speakers are far to dominant, making what would be a great sounding product…become unbearable.”

Have you experienced this Franz?

That’s what I mentioned, Mark.

If you are used to the “tiny bricks” the trebels might be too sharp for the first moment.
But my old, “worn out” ears are not pretty good anymore to get the trebels.

So it is pretty difficult to give a all including answer.

Different ears, different music recorded in different qualities. :sweat:
mp3 recordings are trimming the trebels of course,

I use a 10 frequencies eq and lowered the trebels first.
But after a while I raised these again.

When playing the FLARE I use another setting of course.

Always playing around with!


The Nebula Capsule Pocket Cinema :heart_eyes:

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I would also imagine that even if the Zero didn’t launch with full EQ control, the Soundcore app will be updated to add it at some point.

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Most likely the robo vac, zolo Liberty’s,a wireless charger and many more!. :slight_smile:


Pocket Cinema is a want. A more realistic purchase for me would be a bluetooth speaker to take to the beach this summer.

The app is … :disappointed:

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:worried: The Soundcore app for the Flare added quite a bit over time, so hopefully it will be the same for the Model Zero.

The eq which is offered there is not very useful.
To use another one is quite a must!

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