Which Anker bluetooth speaker do you like best?

Like the title says, which Anker bluetooth speaker do you like best?
Personally I like the Soundcore Sport XL best! It has a good mix of features. Waterproof, dual passive radiators, long range, playback controls built in, and can charge your phone like an external battery bank! It is a little light on bass, but there is no discernible distortion that I can find. I have the Soundcore and Nano also. The Nano is an impressive speaker for it’s size! I keep in my bag that I keep handy with my tablet and accessories as I travel often for work. I want to get the Boost or Pro, but I already have several Anker speakers, the struggle is real:sweat_smile:


Nailed it. I hope Anker offers more water resistant speakers with a usb-a output or type c in/out in the future. It really is a useful feature and cuts down on the number of devices that you need to haul around.

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I’ve only got one speaker. The Premium Bluetooth Speaker. I love it. It’s loud and pretty sexy for a speaker

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It is really convenient and the waterproof feature actually works unlike some “waterproof” items.

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Don’t confuse water resistant with water proof, most things claim water resistance not water proof.


My only wish is that it would float. As is it floats about as well as a brick does.

Only have the nano.

It is so good never wanted more.

SoundCore Pro !!
It’s a really great speaker.

But… I also over-like the SoundCore Sport XL. I use it when working in my garage, on my bike. It’s a bit covered in paint and dust, but I clean it under water once in a while. This thing is unbreakable.

I loved having a SoundCore nano, the sound is really amazing compared to its size! I can carry it anywhere with me.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have several Anker speakers, each of which get’s use depending on he situation, such as the SoundCore 2 for living room and the Nano for portable audio at work.

In term of a favourite out of my bunch, yep I’d have to go with the SoundCore Sport XL as well, which is used in the garden and during any DIY work with dust and anything else that might kill a speaker. Robust, handles elements well, killer battery life and the ability to top up devices. Almost complete package but it could benefit from a bit more bass and perhaps a USB-C upgrade…

I love my Premium Bluetooth Speaker, it has wonderful bass tones and a very good battery life. When I’m travelling I always take my SoundCore Mini it takes up no room in the case, and is so versatile with it’s built in FM radio

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