Where's the giveaways at?

literally theres been no giveaways. over at the soundcore forum theres been a good amount

There have been a lot during the Dec/Jan beginning… plus there is a contest for UK/Germany underway and the testing event which just concluded for 7-in-2

i think it is healthy :slight_smile: amount of products for “giveaway”

You can always try your luck in the powerdraw

Soundcore are having a lot as they are trying to build the user base, the Anker community have had a fair few in the past months besides testing events so not too much to complain about I would think…

On a side note, hope people are reading usernames, with the avatar and all :wink:


Yeah… no complains as giveaways are random perks and not a guaranteed thing.:wink:

I thought @MSTR changed his avatar? may be in Soundcore forum :grin:



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There are two wolves in here.:joy:

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More giveaways opportunity will be delivered in powerdraw and we love testing program.

Of course, we will continue create some interesting events for you to win free prizes. But we don’t want to give users impression that this is a community where get users by sending free prizes.:blush:


Well said, we agree… I think we have healthy amount of contests going on!!

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