Where's Mac been?

Well guys,

I’ve had a few fun (not sure right word) days… IN HOSPITAL :grin:

I had a tooth abscess that went mental…

I went to drs on Wednesday for a prearranged appointment, and rushed straight.to emergency room, with Dr asking … Why the hell didn’t I just go there.

I said, well I knew I was seeing you, so thought I’d come here first.

Well a tooth abscess went mental and got into my skin. I had a 2hr op to drain my face and tooth, then all my top teeth removed (they were all broken nnrotten, which is why I got the abscess).

Keep you diabetes in check, and get regular updates at the clinic. As my teeth all over a year just kept snapping n fracturing. Due to my circumstances, I was waiting for free treatment via the dental hospital, who said I wasn’t needing immediate care! Oops.

Here’s me 2 days after the op…

I’m home now, via a coffee shop in town (needed that caffine fix :crazy_face:).

Thanks for the congrats on winning the life P2.

Have a great weekend all, as won’t be back til at least Monday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awe man sorry for the pain and troubles you are going through. Tooth abscess isn’t anything to mess around with, glad your getting it taken care of. Get better my friends

Glad to hear you are back home,
Take good care of health!

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:grimacing: that’s rough. Hope you recover well :smiley:

Ouch…big time :open_mouth: :grimacing:

Hope you bounce back quickly fella :ok_hand:

Speedy recovery @MacBlank :+1:t2:


Hoping for a smooth recovery :grinning:

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Getting BETTER Mac!:wink:
I remember such a swollen face when I got a surgery at wisdom teeth.
After the extraction ALL my wisdom had gone, as you all see.:rofl:


Sounds like you’ve had it rough these last few days, hope you have a quick recovery.

Yikes! Get better.

Wow, that is crazy! But glad you’re on the road to recovery, @MacBlank!

Get well soon to enjoy your winnings @MacBlank

Speedy recovery @MacBlank ! Hope all goes better!

Mac, sorry to hear that. Hope you rest well and recover soon!

And here’s me suffering with the flu thinking I’m having a bad week. Glad you are on the mend though bud and got it sorted.

Speedy recovery

A flew must be cured with “Grog”
“Rum toddy” says the dict,:wink:

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Thanks for the messages

get well soon @MacBlank

vote for labour guys if you live in the uk

What does this mean?