Where to tune the volume?

How do you tune the volume of your speaker or earbuds?
At the device or at the speaker?

For me as I use the speakers with my laptop mostly,
I adjust full power at the speaker and reduce it at the source.
(easy to handle for me)

Is this OK, or should it be done in another way?


For devices that allow volume control on themselves ( speakers, Bose Soundlink mini) adjust them as well as source (iPhone, laptop) … usually set them on 80% volume and control output from source.

Others like truly wireless headphones like Pamu / Jabra elite or Soundcore Nano control them from source.

But this is dependent on our choices… From my experience, keeping them at 80% on speakers and control from source helps retain the battery power for longer time / reduces the charge back to these speakers.


I prefer when there is only one volume adjustment. Rather than the speaker and phone having separate volume levels. Then I just use the Bluetooth speaker.

If they are separate, than I turn my phone to max, and just adjust the speaker volume.


Thank you.
I was thinking about, as some forumners were talking about charging cycles.
These should be kept as a minimum.


Well it all depends, at my car I will max out the Bluetooth volume output, then I will control my car volume.

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At the device speaker is just a pain to do

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Down to your personal preference I would say :grin:

Usually 99% of the time I control at the source (laptop/phone) for speakers and but direct on the earbuds themselves when I’m using them…unless the end output has split volume control, in which case it’s whacked up to 100% and controlled from the source to cut down on hassle…


I normally use the volume controls on my iPhone or Apple Watch as well, as I typically can’t remember if I need to tap the button or hold it down to adjust the volume on the device itself (and I don’t want to accidentally skip the song). :joy: