Where to get replacement brush drive shaft

I have a Eufy RoboVac 11s which has been running fairly well for over a year. Recently I noticed it wasn’t picking up as much dirt as usual so I took a peek. Turns out the drive shaft (I think) for the brush motor stripped which in turn stripped the brush as well. I know I can buy a replacement brush motor but that doesn’t seem to include the part I need. Any idea where to get it or what to do?

Maybe you can buy some replacement parts if you contact support

This might be a work for a skilled “tinkerer”.
The brush can be bought and I am sure its possible to replace the worn out socket of that brush.

True, it’s just a matter of taking it apart and getting your hands dirty lol

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Lol It can’t be that bad, unless the Robovac has been cleaning a REALLY messy house :joy: