Where is the best place to buy Anker products?

I have brought a couple of Anker products now and I have enjoyed using them and they have been of a high quality. However, I was wondering if there was any other place on the internet, apart from Amazon which is where I usually buy from, where you can get better price rates. And also if there is, do they still come with all the customer guarantees which you may not get somewhere like eBay? Although, if a website does have very good prices, is it worth buying from there without the certainty that you get when buying from Amazon?

Anker products are available on Amazon, At Target, best buy, Kohl’s, Costco, and many other online retailers. Just be weary some sites like Alibaba havetheir own warranty policy that takes precedence over ankers warranty

you can purchase them even directly from amazon, but usally deal apart amazon are for US residents

but… anyway, there is a webpage specific about that https://www.anker.com/it/wheretobuy

that webpage isn’t always up to date as they add new retailers all the time. plus some places have a distributor and most of those are not listed on that page

ouch. then… thankyou for the helpfull info about that.

Walmart carries them as well. But I do like target for their exclusive styles, the cables I got there are a little more flexible at the plug due to a different construction.

As well from amazon.uk and amazon.de
and directly from Anker’s website.

Hi @George_F :metal:t2:
You didn’t state your location but It looks like you’re in the UK?
Apple (United Kingdom), Very.co.uk, mymemory.co.uk, currys.co.uk and Argos.co.uk all stock some Anker products. It has to be Amazon.co.uk for sheer range of stock, price and an unbeatable relationship with Anker meaning you’ll always be looked after if you are unfortunate and have a problem.