Where is link to FAQ for PowerCore Essential A1268011?

Can somebody please post the link to simple understandable instructions on how to use this charger? The little fold out manual is useless to me. I would very much appreciate some help. Thanks!

What are you trying to do exactly? Its pretty straight forward on how to use this power-packed. All you have to do is plug your USB cable into one of the two ports to charge your device. When the battery lack itself needs to be charged you can use one of the two input ports to charge it.

There is a trickle charge mode which is to charge low power draw devices such as wireless earbuds. You can access this by pressing and holding down the power button that has the led lights on it for 3 to 5 seconds, at which point the ked changes to green to designate its in trickle mode. Repeat to go back to normal mode

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You’ll see the blue lights come on blinking, initially when empty only one dot, as it recharges then more dots til finally all dots solid then they turn off to show charged.


Initially when full all the light dots show, then as it discharge fewer lights, when it’s nearly empty one flashing dot then turns itself off.

Trickle charge press and hold the button you see a colour change to green.

Normal mode the Powercore will turn itself off when not being asked to output much power, trickle charge mode it keeps itself on. You tend to only need it for small device as per the picture.

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