Where is everyone from?

What country are people from? How do you use Anker products in your everyday life?

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I am a visitor from a nearby star and I’m visiting to decide if we inhabit this world or not.

i like your cheese.

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country? USA
I use them with my hands, i’ve tried with my nose with no success so I stayed in using my hands.

I am from California.

Hello from Bristol, United Kingdom

Cheese is good. It tops many things and adds many flavor and color to edible substance.

I got to hand it to you that the nose may sniff out the uses

From across the pond I see. Who knows where this thread will lead when you read.

UK. Yes, it’s annoying when Anker do US-only promotions!! :wink:

From United States. Texas in the house!

UK has a unique power plug shape and is only a 67M population, vs the USA plug which used by an order of magnitude more people. So small country with local unique issues. Do you wonder why it has less support?


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I think he was referring too the promotions rather than the product range. Also the European two round pin plug is more used than that of the USA style two flat pin plug. The three pin UK plug is also safest plug design by a long way. https://www.fastcodesign.com/3032807/why-england-has-the-best-wall-sockets-on-earth

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Anchorage, Alaska

Chicago Il.

Yes cheese is very good. Especially Wensleydale.

Vermont also has good cheese. Aged to be sharper

Hmmm Stilton.

Grafton and Crolley

from Waterloo, Ontario…a stone throw from Blackberry

I am from Chicago, Illinois. I use about 5-6 Anker products in my daily life!

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