Where do you get your Tech News?

What sites do you use to get your daily Tech News?

I visit the following sites daily:

The Verge
Android Authority
Android Central

I use The Verge, Mashable, and sometimes I use Yahoo News.

I invent it

Cnet, Android Authority, Twitter

A ton of places, honestly. I follow more sites than I ever remember on Twitter, all of which I click when they show up in my feed. My primary ones are CNET, The Verge, Android Authority, and Android Central, but honestly it can be any site. Also, I read my Google Now news section a lot, which is all focused around tech as I like it.

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Depends what you mean by tech. I go to The Register and Phys.org. Anything else is a click through from news.google.co.uk

I follow most of the sites you mentioned there on Twitter, and click on anything that interests me.

Android authority

CNET is good for product reviews. I also like Engadget, but it’s not like I’m scouring the net for tech news. I don’t have a whole lot of time to do that! I just go to Google News. :slight_smile:

I find Techradar and Techradar Pro useful for getting news, reviews, information and recommendations. CNET is also a good source of information.

I like LifeHacker and MacRumors.

Outside of BBC and Sky News, I’m another one for MacRumors, also occasionally Wired and The Verge.

Going back long enough I used to like astalavista which kinda went through a transition towards the end from a hacking site to more tech related news.

9 to 5 mac
9 to 5 google
jonathon morrison