Where do UK customers purchase their Anker products from?

Having read a great deal on here today, I see that this site is largely geared towards American users. I fully understand why, as this is Anker’s main market. Although I notice especially on here, a small UK voice emerging.

Hello to my fellow Brits!

It is good to read that Anker will make some of their offers and deals available to their customers in the UK (in the not too distant future, I hope!) and that is to be welcomed. However, until that day arrives, I am only aware of Anker products being offered on Amazon.co.uk, is this the only outlet in the UK that people are aware of? As many of their prices aren’t that competitive.

Thank you.

Amazon UK is the only place that I know of that they sell from at the moment. Even the Power User samples come from Amazon.

I’m a Prime member so it’s nice if there’s something I need as I can have it either same or next day.

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At the moment yes Anker products are only available through Amazon but I think this is negative at all as Amazon do great service and if yu run in to any issue whatsoever Amazon sort it out very quickly.

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Hi Macgyver,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I feel the day of becoming a Prime member is drawing ever nearer. I always feel I never buy enough to become a Prime customer but it seems they offer so much as part of their subscription it seems an inevitable necessity!

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I only joined Prime since they started doing payments of £7.99 a month for it, I never fancied paying the full £79 a year for it up front. You can get the 30 days free trial and if it’s not for you, you just cancel online with no hassle whatsoever. I’ve used it for countless Anker purchases this year

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Amazon. We’ve had Prime for a few years and buy loads of things from Amazon every year so it’s well worth it. The Amazon Video and Amazon Music you get with it are a nice bonus.

Well hello, I’m a Brit living in USA and I pond hop a few times a year, so I’m straddling this issue a few times.

In general in the case of Anker I found their prices on par with the average exchange rate for the products which are electrically country neutral (batteries, cables), so there was no sign of “Milk the Brits” (unlike others). True, the choice was more limited and as you say less promotions - although I note the little competition in this forum includes the UK (go win!).

I agree that if you exclude the promotion offers, Anker is not the lowest cost. I rarely buy much from Anker other than promotions for that reason.

I have this last year or so bought 2 Anker products in the UK, the UK version of the Powerport2 which is physically very tied to the UK plug type and the Powercore 1000 as I needed it urgently for internal UK trip needs and I checked and UK prices were identical basically so no need to rush to buy from within US to pay extra for postage.

FWIW I wanted to get more USB-C multi-port chargers and this year I bought a Choetech 6-port dual USB-C in UK as it was cheaper than in USA and I wanted another UK power cord (the type which plug into laptop and Anker Powerport5) as those cables are often more reliable than country plug adapters). Anker doesn’t make such a thing, and it is here, now, by my bed in California. Anker be shamed.

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