Where do I find this solar panel?

It is useful to learn about batteries and solar.

I don’t quite see how this is helpful, but thanks for trying. The question is, where do I get a compatible panel, or adapter cable for this device?

if you look at that pictures solar panel it looks a 5 panel which to scale would be panels of 40W-50W. If you do the math that would suggest it would take 7 to 9 days to recharge the Powerhouse off solar with a panel that small.

I also see its a 12V input so that would mean about 3A so you’d lose 10% of the energy per 3 feet of cable.

You then have the problem of solar and batteries next to each other that a battery ages faster when kept hot so if you left it in a sun a $400 Powerhouse which has no servicable parts will age faster. Usually solar which charge batteries either have a microinverter per panel or are 24V to reduce the amps and so cable losses with cable distance, and then the battery is distant in a cooler location than the solar panel.

You also obviously have the losses of using solar to charge batteries which then go through an inverter to charge other devices, usually about 30% loss.

Have you done any maths on efficiency, weight, costs, volts, cable losses, heat? I mentioned the above video which is a 8 part tutorial so you may come to a different conclusion.

I am actually trying to be helpful but rather than offer opinions I point to the underlying physics and maths so you can form your own conclusions.

I have my own solar setup so my ideal would be a cable to allow it to connect to that, like bare wire to whatever proprietary thing they used (unless it is standard which would make my day). I typically charge a larger battery/batteries than this one, and live in SoCal, so the charge time won’t be too bad. I would also use the little panel if they had one, or cut off the connector, re-purpose the little panel, and make the connection I need. The question still remains, where can I get the panel with compatible adapter in the picture? I love extra information, but it is also irritating to ignore the actual question.

The minimum voltage, and the shape of the connector are in the Amazon comments.

Chances are you probably own a panel which has the minimum voltage and possibly the same plug shape.


Read all of the reviews, all of the comments, you will get your answers there.

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Thanks this is exactly enough info to seek what I need. I don’t think I have one that fits already, but can make something work and use this to search more. Even Anker support, given 60 days of trying, was not able to tell me the size of the tip. I may get the powerhouse, I had a chance to try one but had to return it.

If you go through the links to the items, some of the solar panels come with a pack of universal tips so one fits the Powerhouse, or you can use the stated size and infer the exact model of port. There’s more info in the Amazon questions and the comments in reviews than I pasted, more example solar panels which work, and there seems one individual with pertinent hands-on experience you could reach out.

The reason I’m pointing you to Amazon is because I don’t own so I’m just pointing you to those who do own to remove any error I may add of incorrect specifications.

I also urge you to read all the reviews, teardown top review in particular.

Now the next sentence you should take with a pinch of salt, there was an Anker Ask Me Anything (AMA) which had Lawrence and Annie and I recall a question of if there was an update to the Powerhouse coming (given its a year old now) and i think one of them said there was something later in the year. That AMA is now pulled by Anker, so I cannot point you to it, so I’m possibly remembering wrong, and you should just make a decision based on information rather than recollection.

Also the current price is $499 but it often comes up in a discount of $399 so if you do intend to buy, if you can wait, you’d likely save at least $100+tax.