Where are the manuals???!!

Just got a pan and tilt camera, but can’t find any manual for it. It seems to work OK, but the led started out being blue, but I hit the calibration button, and now it’s constant red. Is something broken? The Eufy Support doesn’t seem to have any manuals.

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You’re right. I looked also can’t find manual to download.

Have you tried installing the Eufy security app? That might lead somewhere?

Not sure which, feels more like security?


Hey @JacktheRipper
Have you looked at the “Help” section in the app?
You may find more information there than online.
I found the app more useful than any online literature with my Eufy smart scales.
Let us know how that goes :+1:t2:

@JacktheRipper here you go, hope these manual pages help you.

check page 4 for the Solid Red you are getting!

Also reach out to support@eufylife.com if you are facing issues!


Where did you get that? Teach us Obiwan


My go to place for most manuals – > manualsearcher.com :slight_smile:


Added it as a separate thread, may be useful for other members

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Read the books!
Read the manuals!

Hey, everybody, thanks for the quick replies. Being a dinosaur, my first instinct when I run into trouble with anything is to reach for the manual and read it. Nothing like the written word. I couldn’t find any link to something called “Manual” on the Anker/Eufy Support website; hence this post.

I did get the pamphlet labeled “Quick Start Guide” in the box, but usually find them too superficial to be called a manual. This one is better than most, and I should have looked at it more closely, because the answer to my original question was, indeed, there. I may have read it more closely had it been labeled “Manual”.

I did install the Eufy Security app—it is needed to do the installation of the camera. I first looked in Devices >> (my camera name), but I found nothing called Help. I finally found Help at the app’s top level, and drilled down to Help >> Indoor Cam Pan&Tilt, but couldn’t find any info on the led color during operational use. The search box did nothing when I typed a value in it.

I’m deaf, so videos are a poor alternative for me. I must use subtitles, and they are often automatically generated, and poorly done. No index like a manual has, so you must grind through the entire video and hope the info you want is there. Usually it’s not.

And finally, a web search did point to some 3rd party sites for manuals, but the first one I found tried to install software I didn’t want, and then tried to highjack my search engine over to yahoo. Manualsearch.com did not have anything for the Eufy Cam Pan&Tilt camera, looking under Anker or Eufy. So Anker/Eufy needs to step up and host their manuals directly. What’s the big deal? Can’t give a 5 star review for anything less, even though I love the products I have.

Hope the above post helped you, and you can always reach out Eufy Support support@eufylife.com