When will we see a power bank with USB-C and a wall plug?

As of now our portable charger options are USB-C or Wall plug but not both. Anyone have any ideas as to when we will have both?



How about the PowerPort Atom III Slim? It’s one of the items in the week’s PowerDraw, too.

Well ther is this PD Fusion batterypack that has a built in wall plug.

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@Mark_Dunsmore that’s just a plug, not a plug and batterypack

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There’s also PowerCore Fusion 10000 USB-C (no PD).


Not sure why I was thinking it was a powerbank, too. I think I was mixing up the Fusion for the Atom. Oh well, scratch my suggestion.

I hope you can find what you are looking for

yea think it’s just a power supply/not a portable battery

it’s actually really easy to make the mistake if you dont look carefully

Right after I posted my question I saw this. This must be an apple exclusive as I dont see it anywhere else. It definitely fits the bill and It looks like it’s a nice small size too. It’s a bit more expensive than I was hoping to spend but this would theoretically charge my macbook too so I might have to pull the trigger.
Thanks a lot for jumping in!

Home run! Wow cant believe I missed this. Im pretty sure this isn’t on amazon or on Anker, thank you for pointing this out. Exactly what I had in mind.

Is it weird that Anker doesn’t advertise this but B&H does?

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Anker often is slow to post products on its site, Amazon and other retailers are much better at maintaining their sites with products and what in stock.

Chances are Anker products show up faster on Amazon or some other third party sites than Anker or community… has happened multie times in the past

I would be guarded against combining all of these in 1 product, because heavy items fall out of older sockets and wider or taller items struggle in cramped places to fit.

The Fusion 5000 was at the upper limit of these issues, the 10000 in my view went above reasonable maximum.

I recommend either the Fusion 5000 for all-in-1, or a small 2-port charger and a Powercore.

I am currently 4 weeks into being homeless, by choice, I am traveling across USA and Canada, slept in 16 different places and a wide variety of situations, and I find a small 2 port charger works consistently everywhere with an extension cord to get it from a distant socket. A Powercore II 6700 is enough power to last til the next wall socket for phones, or a 10000 for a tablet.

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