When will we get updated USB C power banks?

Hi guys,

I know we have the PowerCore 20100 with USB C, but I wonder when the rest of the line will be fully updated to USB-C. I need a power bank (10k) but I would prefer to have all my gear on USB-C.



Why do you need a usb-c output?

So long as it has the power IQ and power delivery, then it’ll work, as you use a usb3 to usb-c lead, then you shouldn’t notice the difference.

I too used to be quite excessive about usb-c, but have learned it doesn’t need to be, to get the same result. … Well thats how I’ve understood it.

Plus with @AnkerOfficial claiming usb-c is a lot more to produce over micro. Using usb-c would raise the price for not much gain.

Boo hoo!

Power delivery (faster charging speeds and data transfer), reversible, both ends are the same are just a few of the possibilities/benefits of USB-C.

There should be a lot more research that goes into these claims before you make these assumptions, but I’m glad to fill you in as best I can. :grin:


To better answer your question, we really are clueless as to when we will be seeing more USB-C PowerCores from Anker. We were supposed to see PowerCore+ II 10000 with USB-C PD in Q4 of last year, but it has been delayed significantly. It, along with others, may pop up at any time now, but they may also take a few months to make it to the market. I agree, though, it would be really nice to have a USB-C Anker offering that isn’t huge like 20,000 or 26,800 but more like 10,000. That would be ideal… We’ll see.

I believe this is closer to the size you are looking for but the USB-c port is only for charging but will fully charge in 5hrs with a good wall charger and allow you to travel with one ubs-a to USB-c cable which comes with the power bank.


Input is capped at 5V/2A.

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@joshuad11 Thanks for pointing that out, fixed.

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I think he means for charging his usb-c phone.

I’m sure he does, but I got told early on in here, it doesn’t make much difference with ankers technology.

Power delivery is far faster than power IQ 2.0 with voltage boost. Yes it would charge fast but not as fast as USB c with PD


Hi guys! I didn’t expect that many answers, thank you.

To answer Jesse Hernandez and Corwin Davis, I know about the PowerCore 13000 but the USB C is kind of useless on that bank, as it is only used to charge the bank. I don’t want to carry two cables.

As for Amangons, Joshuad answered you better than I could. To add on his meaningful post, I’d say that being able to use only one cable for most of our charging needs would be so great. So both cable ends need to be usb-c to usb-c, if its A to C then it defeat the purpose.

And the reversibility is a true killer, as iPhone owners knows since many, many years already.

Also it’s a better technology overall! Can you give me one advantage usb-A cable have over C ? There is none, C is superior, and more convenient.

If we were to settle with older technologies because we can get the same results, then technological improvements would be much much slower.

And! I’d add that I do not want a power bank that includes among other a usb-c input/output.

I want a small power bank with a single, exclusive usb-c port. For the simple reason that why wasting space? Instead of having more than one port, either squeeze some more battery, or make it a little smaller!

And if it costs a few dollars more, so be it, new technologies are always more expensive until they become mainstream.

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Only one I can possibly think of is USB-C connector is ever-so-slightly larger than Micro USB.

I think this is what many of us want, but unfortunately, Anker shows no signs of releasing a product like this in the near future. All PowerCores that come out in the next year or so are likely to maintain at least one USB-A port. Anker’s reasoning still boggles my mind considering that they have such a huge offering of USB-A already to those that still prefer it… But yeah, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. :cry:

See @AnkerOfficial, there is increasingly more demand for USB-C. Market surveys once every year or two are not enough to keep up with the rapid transition. It seems that we have been begging for at least a couple years now…

The usb-a end of a charge lead is perfectly fine and as long as the lead is usb 3.1, and the other end is usb-c , then you have no disadvantages to a double usb-c lead… Not noticeable difference

So having a power bank that has ankers battery tech, using a usb 3.1 lead (A / usb-c) would be as useful as a dual usb-c. Also, means it’s a single lead… Oh like I already use n carry

Not being a book clever nerd, I only ever carry one lead… Cos the other fking leads are at home plugged into the wall charger!

I do not agree I think carrying a single USB type A to type c cable will give you more flexibility and the ability to charge off of non USBC ports which can be scarce when you are traveling.

As @joshuad11 said earlier

Just be patient they are in the works.

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