When will the Rave be available again?

I’m so pissed off and ready to jump ship. I’ve been trying to find and buy 2 Rave speakers and have not been able to find for a very long time. I have 2 Rave minis because of this. Why is it so hard for Anker to supply the Raves? I mean for gods sake, I can’t even give em the easiest sale they could ever want simply because they never have the damn thing I want. Very disappointing. Almost disgusting. What’s the deal?


Contact Service@soundcore.com. There could be some reasons for it. It could be a lack in worker due to covid, the current processor issue or who knows.

You are in USA from your profile?

These have significantly moved to the big stores like Walmart and Best buy. Soundcore makes different SKUs for these. They may be known under slightly different names.

I don’t know the reasons why but I theorise this is related to their physical size and shipping to homes?

Anker has a good record of caring for customers as stated already, send an email with your ask and I’d be surprised if you can’t find an acceptable solution.

@Devin_Messier As mentioned by @Duane_Lester perhaps try emailing them directly for an update on stock. Venting on a support forum with colourful language is not likely to resolve your purchasing issues.

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They’re making plenty but under different names. Don’t know why.

I’d suggest checking out Walmart or Best Buy, I’ve seen them in both stores