When will the Nebula Capsule accessories be available in the UK?

Anyone know when the tripod and case will be available for UK backers of the Nebula Capsule?

I see they’re already available on Amazon.com -

Seems strange they’re not available on amazon.co.uk yet.

It’s evident from historic products we (The UK) and other non US markets are not updated with products for far to long.

Just look at Karapax Phone Cases for example. They came out in October. iPhone X variety available in all varieties. iPhone 8 only available in touch version :frowning:
Eufy Lumos bulbs. Only just hit the uk
Eufy Smart Plugs. Not in the UK
Eufy Genie not in the UK.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, i would ask them through their website or Facebook.


Good to know, thanks for the info!