When will the Anker mice be back in stock?

I live in the UK and my full family of gamers have anker gaming mice the 2000dpi and the 8200dpi have disappeared for a long time in the UK now and I have been trying to buy another couple for a long time as they are extremely good mice I have had mines for a good few year and still working great but would like to buy another couple for family members and missus

when will they come back? if they do come back

Sorry to let you know that the Anker gaming mice will never come back in any markets.:cry:

oh damn so gutted one of the best mice ive owned and I have bought mice before over 200 gbps

Why?! I was about to buy one…


Hi @joshuad11 @dougal_paramanic, we are unable to provide Anker gaming mice anymore, but you guys can still check on this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BIFNTMC, Hope you will like it.:grin:

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Thanks so you’re still making mice right?!

You might be interested in this…:grin: 25% off