When will Spotify come to Roav since beta was done mths ago. Any timeline?

Yap. Its been sometime so really curious will it come n when? :no_mouth:


No Spotify for you!


From support. Dun look good. With echo auto coming. No reason for them to allow roav be ahead. Sad.

Thanks for contacting Roav.

I understand that you are waiting for the actual rollout of Spotify. As Spotify is not available for the third party, we are still communicating with the Spotify team for the authorization of this function. Thanks for your inquiry, and we will try our best to expedite the process.

If there is any further concern that we can address, please feel free to let us know.

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Good to know thanks for sharing

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Really annoying that this was the main reason I bought the product and it seems that is has been canned. What is the official reason?

@richardfstrange read post 3 above, it comes down to spotify

Any news? Would love to use Spotify on my Roav Viva! Hope Amazon and Spotify will soon give green light for the Viva!

Dun tink will happen. Got a feeling anker has been played.