When will Anker switch to Usb C

There are various Anker products that support the switch over to usb c. However, some of them still require micro USB connectors. Their wireless charging pad and sister brand of the zolo liberty earbuds are examples. Many of their other products still sport the micro USB connection. When can we expect the change from micro to usb c to happen?

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Next year maybe. :sob::sob::disappointed_relieved:

Micro USB will be like Mini USB. It will take a decade before you see very little of them around, but they’re still around :slight_smile:

This will prove how old-school I am, but I greatly prefer Mini USB to Micro USB. Micro USB seems to be more picky than mini USB and mini USB seems to be more sturdy.

If it were my decision, everything would still be mini USB.

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Mini USB-C. Now we’re talking :slight_smile:

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Well the USB C connector is fine, but that micro USB is just horrid.

I can’t be the only one who adores these cables am I?


Everyone always complains about how stupid the end connector is, but I love it.

You are :grin:

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Old weak eyes would prefer that USB-C. :relaxed:

What’s the matter with it, I think it’s the best pre-USB C connector. It’s strong like mini USB but isn’t as delicate as micro USB. It is very strong too.

Size and odd shape. It’s fine that you like it. Just a matter of preference.

If I remember, Anker said, it was purely down to the extra cost of using usb-c (paraphrased) that stopped them.

I say, Anker ain’t cheap (not comparatively expensive either), so us consumers paying a couple extra bucks for a product with usb-c isn’t going to be too much of an issue… Unless @AnkerOfficial has data (2 identically spec products, with only difference being usb-c/micro usb) to suggest we don’t urchase usb-c over micro due to saving a couple bucks?

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Hi @ktkundy,

Thanks for your question, I think in the next 2 years, you will gradually see some USB-C required products released by us.:grin:


That’s a bloody long time in technology… I reckon the first bendable screen will be released before that!

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Yep and even then it has been mentioned as ‘gradual’. Would have thought the uptake would be faster, especially for example on their ‘flagship’ items like the newer SoundCore range etc


@nigelhealy I wonder if they’ve done any of those market surveys lately. :laughing: