When will a new Version of eufyhome App for die RoboVac L70 MAX will be released?

Hello Anker/Eufy,

when will a new Version of the eufyhome-App which support the RoboVac L70 MAX I have bought in germany?
Otherwise is there a Beta-App which I could download somewhere?

Thanks for your help and best regards


Send support a message at support@eufylife.com and they will be able to get you situated

Unfortunately, the normal german support could’t do that. They neither provide an app or could give an approximate period of time when the app in the app store will receive the appropriate update to support the RoboVac L70 Max.

Hmm no idea

Here is the amazon-url: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B08R8B2MNL

I asked the devlopers to see when it will get added, I will keep you updated once I know you will know.

Thanks for your help. Here some photos:

Also with German Manual:

Don’t bother too much, had other devices from Tesvor and Roborock at home last week and decided on another device. The material quality and suction power is by Tesvor and Roborock much better. In addition, the competition has not had any negative experiences with support so far. The German support is very poor and a reason don’t by eufy products. So send the RoboVac L70 Max back to amazon.

@Tank - Thanks for your help and your time.

At least you got something better :+1: