When there is anker, new inventions will soon follow!

Imagine if we had anker cameras. Tell me what you think.:sunglasses::interrobang::grey_question::grey_exclamation::clock1::clock4::clock7::clock10::clock2::clock5::clock8::clock11::clock3::clock6::clock9::clock12:

You can consider the eufycam to be our camera product.:joy:

That is a valid point. But I take poctures as a hobby and would gladly purchase a anker camera. anker quality is the way!!

Doesn’t make any sense!
There are excellent cameras on the market. which you could use to take your photos.

β€œOur company” should invest in those product they know about and are the best. :wink:

Moving into the camera industry is hard to do. There are many people that will only buy trusted brands and are loyal to those brands. That is why many of those new to market camera companies fail.

I myself is a Sony guy. I’ve using Sony mirrorless for what maybe 6 years now. If I were to change it would be to Fuji Film or Nikon. I would not purchase a new to market branded camera. However, if I were given one to test I would do it.

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Too many (phone) cameras…:roll_eyes:

The new phones that were recently released/announced are all about the camera.
I’m still using an iPhone 5s and the camera on it is remarkable for my use. I need nothing better.

It’s a good idea, but seems like it’s a hard market to get into