When tech at CES gets really weird

Just saw this on the Mashable Snapchat story and if you’ve got $7000 that is burning a ridiculous hole in your pocket you can have a smart toilet that has built in Bluetooth speakers and Alexa!

I can just picture it now, you’re on the John having an Eartha Kitt and you can ask Alexa to flush the toilet for you whilst listening to the Joe Rogan experience.

Man, tech is awesome and weird at the same time… what a time to be alive!


What kind of weird things we have in our crazy world.

May be if you shout loud after “business” " an Alexa" will show up and clean your… :laughing:


that’s halarious

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LOL! That is so messed up. Alexa how is my poop :laughing::laughing::smirk:

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At least on the plus side if you break the toilet you can say “Alexa find me the nearest plumber” instead of doing this… :joy::joy:

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I was often working at this toilet tanks but I was wearing my trousers when at work of course.

Old gentleman I am! :joy:

May be the fellow is trying to find his lost “tracker”.

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I hope the feminists dont get offended when a man asks Alexa about his poop or asks her to flush :joy:


There are some ladies here, but they are wise enough not to intervene when crazy fellows have some fun.

Thank you my dears.!

But today it is really like a regular’s table here. :joy:
I like. Snow and pretty cold outside here in Munich.

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Do you know the problem: you are finished, your hand moves to the place where the toilet paper should be - but there is an empty roll.

Solution: Alexa call delivery hero to send me some Pizza - with extra tissues ! :joy:


But what would you do first?
Eat the pizza or… :joy:


I have to stop dont like to get censored

Franz!!! :joy::joy:


It is not me as I am a well educated smart boy!

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I actually have an Echo Dot in the bathroom, but it’s so I can listen to music while in the shower. But if it was already built-in to the toilet, it could have saved me from buying a Dot! :joy:

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Did you see Tile have signed a deal with Anker to stick chips inside speakers etc so ou can track your speaker etc if lost??? Just think it’s gonna make stuff more expensive and not really be something I’d want. I’ve never lost or left a speaker anywhere.

Wait, is that some sort of backhanded compliment? Calling us “ladies,” then saying we are “wise enough not to intervene when crazy fellows have some fun?” :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: You crazy! :wink: We gals can be crazy too, just ask the fellas. :slight_smile:


What happens if it gets hacked? Someone could be listening to me on loo after a curry lol :scream:

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Robovac’s next function?

Could be worse for the machine.

Only for speakers?