When is the next giveaway?

I dont know when it will be what do you think?

Well I just got a free Anker gift from Euify so that’s pretty nice!

I would probably say a couple of months or when a new product comes to fruition. They do regularly post discount codes on their products.

They currently have a competition for the SoundBud NB10 (which are great by the way). Just look on the homepage, like Anker via one of the social channels to be entered. You also get a 20% discount code of the bat, so if you don’t win you can still have two extra days after the competition ends to snag a cheaper pair :grin:

Good question! :thinking:

December 5th. And I won’t tell you why.

Okay I’ll tell you why. Because it’s 20 days before Christmas! So what, you ask? This isn’t just a giveaway, it’s a COUNT DOWN. Every 2 days, they’ll release a discount code or even a free item, the whole thing will be completely random and have to do with page views on the web page the count down is displayed. If you are person 1,000 to view that page on day 4, you get a free car charger, person 1,645 gets something else, I mean the whole thing will be completely random and the prizes and discounts will be random as well. So 20 days, 10 times the site refreshes, everyone wins.

I got a “free gift” in the email this morning, problem is though that the offer had already expired. ooops!

Is it a free gift if the offer is impossible to redeem? If so I’m going to give my friends a LOT of ‘free gifts’ this Holiday Season. Won’t they be thrilled! :wink:

You search for giveaways and sweepstakes no result