When is the new Anker Car Jump Starter Kit?

This is now 7 months ago.

We had the Powercore II 10000 Slim shown, but the car starter is not here yet. It says “at the latest late summer” so we’re approaching that time now.

Winter is coming!

@AnkerOfficial when will it arrive?

Oh and don’t say “soon”

IF you have cancelled making car starters then that would definitive and a useful answer so we can look elsewhere.

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YES. The list of Anker products we’re anticipating is already way too long.

they mentioned “Focusing” a few weeks ago. You think they shrink away from less commonly sold items like car starters?

“at the latest late summer”.

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Yeah, I think Anker should have been able to push this one out fairly easily especially considering this is their realm (batteries and what not)…

We are sorry to inform you that the Car Jump Starter was delayed due to our marketing strategy and quality issues. We must take our quality control very seriously with every new products, hope you guys can understand. The product should come out later this year, hope it can be released before winter.:sweat_smile:


Was looking at the “old” model since I didn’t know there was such a thing but all OOS

I love this reply at every level.

  • you replied. An actual reply

  • you gave a reasonable answer. The jump starter is an item more focused in winter and its not winter for months.

  • you gave a good answer - quality reasons.

  • yes, I know you are busy on higher priority issues, there are so many demands on you.


Hi there! It has been several months since the last reply, and I am thinking it is not likely this will be out before Christmas. If it will be, please respond as I have thought of this as a gift for several relatives.

Thank you!