When is the Eufy Video Doorbell going to be HomeKit compatible

It’s great that Eufy is offering a wireless Eufy Video Doorbell. But when is it (wireless version or standard version) going to be HomeKit compatible. This like having peanut butter and no jelly. Come on Eufy, the Eufy Video Doorbell needs to be HomeKit compatible. There are millions of Apple users who are spurning Ring and patiently waiting on you guys to get it together.


I have the wired doorbell and would love to see two things happen:

  1. Support for HomeBase so I don’t have to worry about storage space or having the doorbell stolen and video of the thief being taken with it

  2. Support for HomeKit, which I’m hoping might be facilitated by point number 1?


Both of your requests are going to be fulfilled Q1 2020 hopefully.


Does the doorbell still record even when wifi is down?

We’re now into Q2. Any word on HomeKit support? I’d also like it to support Apple’s Secure Video.

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This would be huge for the video doorbell market. Fingers crossed that they pull through and make it happen!

Is there any update to the timeline on the dev to enable Homeit on the Battery Doorbell?

I know it’s a bit (long) delay, but I’m sure it’s coming sometime.
:zipper_mouth_face: I think the BETA testing is taking longer than what they initially anticipated…
You should check eufy community for the latest updates or email support@eufylife.com


When I asked support, they told me this:

“We are so sorry that eufy battery doorbell doesn’t support homekit and no beta testing now. If we have beta testing in the future, we’d love to invite you to have a try.”

:fearful: really looking forward to the HomeKit for the battery powered doorbell, Can you guys please work on this

I thought I read that homekit was coming, and I bought a eufy doorbell, but lately I’ve read that it’s not happening at all. Can anyone confirm anything. I went down the eufy road for security cameras and thinking the doorbell would support homekit but now I think it’s just security cams. I hope I’m wrong