When did Anker introduce the Blue colour option for their Powerbank?

When did Anker introduce the Blue colour option for their Powerbank?

Please use the search.


If you’re going to attempt to post spurious threads to earn Powerbucks your account will be closed and points lost. Please participate in good faith.


Hi @aidanwg as your new the community I would suggest you have a look over the community guidelines to help you get off on the right foot :slight_smile: (yes the search box is always a good place to start as mentioned by @nigelhealy)



I have used the search and could not find what I was asking for. I noticed that other power banks did not offer the option, when I bought mine I did not see the blue color option. I did not find it very accepting when I come here to help the Anker community because I own a wide variety of Anker products and would love to purchase more. Its not a matter of getting PowerBucks because I do not plan on spending them for anything. Why does it matter to you how many PowerBucks I have. It is none of your business how many PowerBucks I have and how I acquire them. Thank you for the help but please keep your comments about other peoples business to yourself. It was a question that I needed help with, and I expected that I would get a nice reply that was helpful.

Thank you! I’m new and did not know where to look. I have tried the search but I couldn’t find the answer to my question. Thanks and I will take a look at the community guidelines.

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Really, look at my search string, I typed two words, blue and Powercore. It was the first hit.

But consider that your tutorial, you know how to do it next time :slight_smile: