When (Day / Noon / Night) and with what ( Charger / Powerbank) do you charge your phones?

I charge my iPhones with Wireless charging from Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Apple Watch Holder during night and if the battery nears 20% use Anker Powercore 5000 during commute or use Anker Wireless charging stand while at work.

Just wondering when do most of members charge their phones - during Day time at work or after noon before getting home or at night. Also what do you use to charge your phone - Wallcharger via cable / Wireless or use a Powerbank.

Do add comments on how you charge the phones and what is the best options to keep the battery in good health :slight_smile:


I charge only when needed! :grin:


I have a Pixel stand on my nightstand, office desk, and home office desk. If I am there Its on the charger. My new car will have a wireless charger so I imagine I’ll be storing it there while driving.

I like not having to put strain on my phone charger port :smiley_cat:

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I have a wireless stand next to my chair, and I often will pop my phone back on during the day, esp an hour or so before going out, even if only for a couple hours. I just like as full a battery as possible… Just in case of a major delay or incident, and I need a fuller battery.

Even tho this beast has a 4,100 battery, I like a topped up battery. If.im staying in on a day (as I do due to pain) I won’t charge … Unless I’ve been watching lots of video clips.

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I charge when needed!:wink:

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Like @MSTR and @Chiquinho I charge my iPhone when needed during the day while at work using either my Anker Powercore Fusion 5000 power bank, Tzumi Pocket Juice Power bank or a wall charger which ever is convenient at the moment. At night I use a wall charger. The best options I know for keeping the battery healthy are closing apps when not in use, turning off certain notifications such as Facebook, emails, and etc.

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I charge my phone when it needs to be charged. Usually try to charge it at around 20%.

If I’m in the house I charge it with my powerport 5 and 6ft lightning cable, birth from anker. If I’m out of the house I charge my phone with either the powercore 13000, or the powercore 5000 (brand new, review coming soon!). I use a 6inch Apple cable out of the house


Many here have wireless charging, which I use extensively.

Have a question here, do Wireless charging provide overcharging protection. i mostly keep the phone for wireless charging on Powerwave+ Pad and also my Apple watch on the holder at night with 40% battery. The phone probably charges to 100% in 2 hours and watch takes about the same.

Does the wireless charging stop when the phone is charged 100%?

Edit - asked this question on Anker’s thread for Wireless charging FAQ

@TechMan why use the Apple cable when on the go and the Anker cable at home instead of vise versa

Because the anker cable is 6ft, and the Apple cable is 6 inches…

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I try to keep my battery above 50% as much as possible, so I set my iPhone on a wireless charger whenever I’m near one. It must be working: iOS reports that my battery health is still 100%!


I usually don’t charge the iphone until it’s down to 20% or when I go to sleep… Checked the battery … shows as 93% :confused:

believe I am doing something wrong

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I did get a response from Anker team on the overcharging protection,

Will check it out tonight and get back.