When are PowerIQ2 Powerports coming?

Surely if you can input IQ2 you can output IQ2?

Also surely if IQ2 is a merger of previously separate chipsets, then IQ2 output Powerports should be smaller and cheaper than the Powerport+ QC3?

Whilst majority of devices do not themselves benefit from QC3, if you did IQ2 output Powerports which recharged faster the IQ2 input Powercore, you’d at least get faster recharging of the Powercore IQ2 input.


Hey, there are already two threads about this, and YOU started one of them. :joy: @ndalby

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…and one thread essentially was a discussion between the two of you :joy:



hahahahahah :joy::joy::joy:

That’s the problem… How do we convince others to get involved?

‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’

Sometimes threads just don’t gain traction straight away until future publicity or interest comes around about the subject matter. Plus Anker’s portfolio keeps expanding so fast in number and new charging standards that some are perhaps confused as to ‘what is what’?

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So you saw this thread but did not respond. :cry:

It must be a secret!

Yep and a community which makes Anker respond is one worth staying. Venting runs out steam.

Without Anker engagement, this community just becomes a “give me free stuff” forum.


I actually really want to know if these are coming soon because someone in the family would like a dual port QC. I’d rather just wait for IQ2 if it’s coming.

It should be next year…

Thanks for the update.

For most users there is no point in getting IQ2 Powercore until there is IQ2 Powerport.

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Hopefully we’ll at least see more PD PowerPorts before the end of the year!