What's your TV/Internet provider?

Hey guys,

I’m really curious - what’s your TV/Internet provider? Mine is Comcast. Not the best company in the world, but it’s the best option where I live. They’ve actually really improved over the years. The customer service still sucks, but as far as the service they provide, it’s really solid.

What provider do you have, and why?

CenturyLink. It is far from the worst but great for the price. The customer service is also bad but its hard to beat $25/month for 20/MBPS

I’m, unfortunately, stuck with Comcast, too. When it works, it’s great. When there’s a problem, I dread calling and going through the motions of resetting my modem, resetting my router, unhooking my router, etc.

I’ve only had 2 outages so far. One was on the TV for a few days, and turned out to be the box. They replaced it free of charge and gave a pro-rated refund for the outage. One was about 20 minutes on our internet, which was an outage on our road.

I just use Netflix and Amazon Video for TV, and the occasional bit of free digital TV (via Sky).

For internet I’m currently stuck with 7.5Mb via Plusnet (now owned by BT), but Virgin should be coming to town in the next couple of years and I’ll hopefully be getting 200 Mb from them then :smiley:

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