Whats your heating system in your flat / house?

There is an enormous price increase on natural gas, heating oil and even wood here in Germany the last month.
Its much more than the world wide inflation rate of ca 8%.

I made a special contract with my gas supplier for one year which will end
in October this year.
But after this : horror prices for gas.

I have my old tile stove and I got my wood storages filled.
But what will do others who don’t have such possibilities?
Seems a pretty hard and cold winter will show up here.
Or are these all “fake news” in the daily horror press here?
What do you think about.

I know the theme of this thread is a little bit “abnormal” when temperatures are > 30C :grin:

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I mostly use solar heating. The house gets sun all year round and we pull blinds up and close door and make a room 70F.

We then sit in that room and the people in the room keep it warm.

Outside of that room we use warm clothing, wool, down.

So while this is a good idea for winter, means in summer we have to do the opposite.

I am thinking of some kind of wood burning heating, we’re surrounded by plenty of free fuel.

Reminder: if you do store wood it can make your house go on fire faster so try to keep it distant, not immediately next to house.


I know.
Neanderthalers know how to keep fires burning not their caves! :laughing:

70F is ca 21C
That’s OK.

More is not needed.
Some do warm up their rooms in Winter → 25C
Those will get infections ( colds ) very easy.
I can stand easily 18C in Winter in the house (clothing is necessary).
Sleeping rooms are 16C that’s really enough.
Seems most of the decadent people have lost all their basic instincts.
believing in those unsocial media and the proposals of quality journalist
(doing cut&paste without any experience). :laughing:

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We have only gas head and and supplement it with electric if needed. We have a budget for I think both gas and electric.

Would like some solar but I am in WV with lots of trees and at the bottom of a valley which means minimal direct sunlight for solar.

Have thought about getting a Kerosene heater recently with last winter and losing power at least 3 times and several days worth of no heat and the electric heaters could not keep up


Is it a private gas tank you use?
Those are used in parts here where is no gas distribution system is installed,
But this is not often used here in Germany.
In those parts oil heating is normal.

Now here big problems are showing up with our gas supply.

Northstream 1 is under service at the moment.
Nobody knows what will be the final result.

Northstream 2 is ready for use, but is not operating caused by political reasons.

Do you have flowing water nearby to put in a turbine? They used to use water a lot to operate machinery such as to ground wheat into flour.

Do you have wind to put something up high? Note wind goes up significantly with height so taller is better.

They used to use wind a lot before electricity to operate pumps at wells for water, and to make flour.

Also you can use solar non-electrical , just pass water through black pipes to get some warmth.

There is a run off for water but it is not enough to make energy. I could turn the turbine myself and make more energy. Not much direct sunlight or area to sustain wind due to trees are to close

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I could try such one! :rofl:

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