What's your Anker torture story?

I’ve put my Anker products through a beating. From dropping my power bank from 4 feet onto solid concrete, to excessively yanking my Anker charging cable unintentionally, I’ve admittedly put my stuff through some beatings. To my surprise, they always keep working perfectly! My PowerCore+ 10050 has a few dents and dings, but it works just as good as the day I got it.

Have you dinged your Anker products? How are they holding up?

I don’t have a situation where I need to rely on an Anker product and it is my only Anker product.

If I’m in a situation I need to fall back on Anker, I have 2 of them. Example is if I’m flying and I’m fairly sure my phone won’t last the whole time between mains power, I carry say a Powercore Slim 5000 and a Powercore 10000. I carry 2 USB cables.

Accidents happen it cannot be avoided, but being caught out and it causing a problem, is a problem you created for yourself.

I carry a spare phone too. Usually wrapped in the clothes I’m not wearing, in a waterproof bag.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

I’ve bounced Ankers off concrete plenty of times with no damage yet, other than scratches. ZeroLemon on the other hand… Yeah, 100% lemon more like.

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