Whats this all about

Hello guys. I am New here. Just checking the place out


Hello! Welcome to the anker community!

Since your new here, I recommend you check out this FAQ. You can also check out the rules.

This community is built to discuss anker products, ask questions, and be up to date on all the latest anker news! And if you’re active, you will have chances to win anker products!

You will found many of the members here are very friendly and easy to get along with. If you stay here, I know you’ll have a great time, and make a lot of friends!

Have fun, and #PowerOn!


Welcome, you found a good place!

:grinning: welcome

Welcome to th boards!:grinning:

Welcome to the community @Randy_Justice

Can’t really add much more than what @TechMan has already posted. Hope you enjoy your time on the community…

welcome!! :cat: