What's the SKU of the included USB-C to C cable with the PowerCore+ 26800 PD?

Would like to know if it’s a Gen 2 cable / 3.1. More specifically if it’s USB IF Certified.

Based on Anker website:

Currently only A8485/A8465/A8481/A8482 have TID certification. We expect to release more cables with this certification in the future.

So I was wondering if this is the cable we’re getting https://www.anker.com/products/variant/powerline-ii-3ft-usb-c-to-usb-c-3-1/A8485011

Or is it some other cable?

What a damned good question

I just had a look, but there’s no clues.

Might be worth emailing support@anker.com

Hey @AnkerTechnician, what do you think?

I tried emailing, still haven’t got a reply. A friend of mine told me it’s a normal Powerline cable. I’m not sure how he knows about this, but if it’s true, it’s a pity, considering that the it’s a PD power pack (and in some countries they bundled it with a PD wall charger). I mean, not that it doesn’t work, it still works perfectly, but I figured if it was a Gen 2 Powerline II C to C 3.1 w/ Power delivery it would be so much better.

Maybe someone else can shed some light.

I won a USBC to USBC lead not long ago, and put in my pd USBC charger.

My galaxy S8 was approximately 19%.

Using my new USBC/a lead, Vs the USBC/c lead, …
The USBC/a lead was giving a time a couple mins quicker than the STANDARD USBC/c lead.

HOWEVER, both times were well under 2hrs.

What I’m saying is, that even tho it may be “technically” a slower lead, it’s still capable of quick charging. As even tho it was a couple mins slower than a USBC/c 3.0 lead.

Do ya get me… If not I’m sure @elmo41683 or @nigelhealy can explain it better.

Anker is predominantly Chinese location so their weekend non-working begins on a Friday for most people and ends on a late Sunday / early Monday. So wait about 2 days more.

As to what is the supplied cable, I cannot tell, only Anker can confirm.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to update I received an e-mail reply from their support team.

The original C-C cable came with the PowerCore is not a Gen 2 cable. Below is the product link for reference.


That’s a bit disappointing. I mean, it still works, but I figured a Gen 2 cable with power delivery would be a much better option. Nonetheless, I’m still satisfied with the product :slight_smile:

I wish I saw this post sooner as I would have mentioned which cable was included. I have the same battery pack and I ditched the included cable because it didn’t allow fast charging. It works to get you by in a pinch, but I prefer the faster charging of other cables