What's the Final Total? | Guess & WIN

With only 2 days remaining, eufy’s EverCam campaign has raised more than $2.8 million USD in funding to date, making it the most successfully crowdfunded smart home product ever! So thanks to all our supporters! We want to show our appreciation by giving away one free eufy EverCam + one HomeBase set (299.99 MSRP).

All you have to do is share this event on your social media accounts and leave a comment with your guess of what the TOTAL amount pledged will be when the campaign ends. Then just post a screenshot of your post in the comments section below and If you make the closest guess (doesn’t matter if you’re over or under), you’ll win the “Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery”!


  1. Share this event on your Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit and attach a screenshot of your post in the comments section below with your guess of the final total. Note: If you don’t want to include your Facebook name in the screenshot, feel free to blur it out.

  2. The participant that submits the guess closest to the total amount funded (over or under is ok) will be rewarded with one eufy EverCam and HomeBase.

  3. If more than one participant submits the same guess that is closest to the actual total amount, the participant who submitted the guess first will be selected.

  4. This offer is only available to participants in these countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and countries in the European Union (the same countries the Kickstarter campaign is open to).

  5. This event will end on 11:59 pm (PDT) June 14, 2018. We will announce the winner in the community on June 19th, 2018.

  6. Each participant is limited to submitting one guess. Once a guess is submitted, it is final. Participant’s comment cannot be revised. If comment is revised, participant will forfeit the chance of winning.

  7. Winning participant’s prize will be delivered with the first batch of crowdfunding backers in September 2018.

  8. eufy reserves the right for final explanation.

Winner announced!

Congrats @Quinn_Armstrong, you won our “Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery”!

You have an incredible guessing ability!:laughing::laughing::laughing: Good job!

Thanks to everyone who made this event succeed!

If you didn’t win this time, please don’t worry, we will do more contest like this in the future, so stay tuned!:grin:


Comment Example:
Final amount estimation: US$ 2,795,670
Facebook Screenshot:

My final amount estimation is 2,903,946.20

Twitter screenshot

My guess: 2 897 689 US$

Twitter screenshot

This could be like playing the lotto :grin: but why not…

Final amount estimation - $2,819,698

Hey my cousin just won 3 million dollars on a scratcher anything is possible. Good luck everyone.

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Congrats to him/her :thumbsup: Imagine the amount of Anker supplies that could be bought :heart_eyes:

Was meaning more guessing numbers, rather than winning…

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It’s far easier than winning the Lotto. The rules stand that whoever is closest to the total amount funded wins the prize. So, if I understand correctly, no matter how far you are from the actual amount, if you have the closest guess you win, right?

Since there’s not that much people here, and your guess could be as far as it gets as long as it’s the closest, I would say our chances are far greater than a 3 million scratcher! :grin:

Right right


First,thanks for an awesome prize and giveaway.

Here is my final guess $2,934,407


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Good luck all :slight_smile:
And if you’ve already got a Eufy EverCam, I hope you are not entering to win another one :yum:

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So which European countries tries are valid? Not eveyone has a Kickstarter account to go looking for up if it’s available in their country.

Have you seen my last 2 emails?

This is all it says on their page.

The product will be available for (free) shipping to the U.S., Canada, EU (28 countries and UK), Australia and Singapore.

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This is my guess on twitter


My guess would be


My guess would be


Shared on Facebook

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My guess: 2 950 067

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Yes, we need the closest answers! It’s easy!:grin: