What's the DUMBEST thing you've ever spent money on?

Black Friday’s coming soon! Do you have anything exciting on your wish list?

However, on big shopping days like this we have to be careful, lest we make stupid shopping decisions.

I learned that lesson the hard way on 11/11 (China’s Black Friday, a massive online shopping event), when I bought this…

I thought it would be just the right thing for quick power naps or lazy weekend afternoons. Needless to say, not only could my friends and family not stop laughing at me, it’s really hot and stuffy with your head crammed inside this monstrosity. I couldn’t even relax, let alone take a nap.

Have you ever bought something this dumb, or at least something you regret? Let us know about it in the comments, and maybe we’ll be able to help each other avoid ill-advised buys this year.


The ex! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Entirely too many things to list.

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The worst thing I brought was a car heater defroster, darn thing never worked and just blew cold air around making the frost stick to the car even more.

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LOL… Probably made you look like a giant ant. :stuck_out_tongue: As for me… this.

It’s a webcam cover. When it came, they gave me different sizes. Then I emailed them and they sent me out another set. I stuck it over my webcam and it just fell off. And when I finally got it on there, the next day, it fell off and got lost somewhere. It was a complete waste of money. The bigger piece is suppose to stick next to your webcam, while the smaller one is magnetic and it swings around to cover the webcam when not in use. Now, I just stick a piece of iPhone home button sticker over my webcam.

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Winner winner chicken :chicken: dinner

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I mistakenly bought it as food


Oh where do I even begin…?!


Probably the two Ravpower batteries that I immediately regretted and wanted to cry. I could have spent that money to a more pricey and superior anker battery.

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Fidget spinners that never came in the mail and a usb fan that only worked for 2 months i said oh well it was free money from a promo gift card that i won over the summer


Odd. I bought Ravpower before, and like you never again due to quality and support, but I would not say Anker, if you’re patient and wait for discounts, is more expensive.


Haha love the hat. Got to be honest. That would be great in the back of the car for the kids after a day at the theme park. They live a kip in the car.

I once bought what I thought were 2 maglight torches off the back of a magazine. The image made them look decent. Turned out to be as long as your little finger and couldn’t light up nothing :joy: :joy:

Don’t buy anything from the back of a magazine :blush:


But it looks tasty…:joy::laughing:

I’ve never used a webcam cover before…:joy:
Do many people use this product?

A bunch of people use them :stuck_out_tongue: I use the slider type.


I am old fashioned… duct tape works just fine for me. xD


So people use the cover to protect their computer camera and their personal private?

I once bought a graphic tablet… Never ever used it. It still is in my attic :frowning:

i guess a hanger

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