what's the best and worst thing you've won from a powerdraw?

I’m pretty new so I’m just wondering Because I just won my first powerdraw for a micro USB cable.

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I have won only once and won the best item…Soundcore Nano :blush:

That’s really nice!

Hmmm, i think the Eufy C1 scales are the best thing I’ve won.

I’m making a wild guess: our active users only spend powerbucks on something they really want, so most of them should feel it’s a good item if they win. If the product is something they are not interested in, they won’t waste bucks on it. :joy: But for new users, it’s a totally different story.


Can’t recall my last win :cry: :laughing:

Think it may have been the 3-in-1 cable… :thinking:

You are absolutely right in my case

I haven’t had any luck myself yet

Haven’t had any luck here either. Tried in just a couple but didn’t win them lol

PowerDraw is one way Anker motivates new users to be.more active on Anker community…
I was not very active or should i say not active at all until i won in the PowerDraw…

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Same with me