What's on your list?

I have been impatiently waiting on several items. Some due to cost but other waiting on product release.

Here is my list;

  1. Roav Bolt (already pre-ordered)
  2. Wakey
  3. Two PowerLine+ II 6 ft Lightning cables
  4. Anker Dash Cam C2 Pro
  5. Anker Bolder P2 LED Pen

I’m really excited about the Wakey. So what’s on your list?

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Should be titles wish list…

Everything is on my wishlist, some items more than others but it’s all there


I’m waiting on

  1. Wakey
  2. PowerPort Atom PD 2

I’m a simple man haha


C-lightning cable, the 10000 PD (just came today, I love it), Deciding on which Dash cam to buy, you decided on the C2PRo @dicejedi?? I’ll tell you right now you’re going to LOVE the cables, but especially that Flashlight! I have one and it’s the big brother, you’ll be quite surprised how bright it is and the recharge feature is awesome.

Also, I agree with @elmo41683 I have a problem, I want to buy it all, even if it’s to try it, I dunno…it only happens when I see #anker products

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@Chris_Renshaw Yes, I decided on the C2 Pro due to the chipset, Sony sensor, GPS logging, app, and premium lens. I know it cost more, much more, but when purchasing a quality product then it is worth it. Sure I can go with a C2 but the added features in the Pro is what attracted me to it. Now, it’s sitting in my “Save for Later” cart on Amazon. I am waiting for a lightning sale, Anker code, or anything really that will give me a discount from it’s original price.

this is a perect time to use Honey, its an extention for your browser and as well as attepting to use as many promo codes as posssible at check out, you can add that item to your “droplist” and Honey will email you as soon as the price drops! I do it all of the time.

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The more I read my “wish list”, the less items there get important.
It is a question of time, then you cross it out.

I’m basically with everyone else. I want wakey! Also the icon and icon mini.

A lot of people are waiting on it. Let’s hope the actual product is not a let down :+1:

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