What's next? (from Anker)

A spectrum of choices…

I’d love a 20000 wireless powercore lol


2020/1 was an unusual year for many, the most common change was more WFH and SFH which drove a lot of one-off technology purchases. I suspect Anker made a killing… as all the homes filled with W/SFH needed more chargers, etc.

We suffered here the support challenge - mostly Windows 10 and Soundcore / Powerconf.

On the positive side it has seriously proved Time Travel is impossible, as we’d have killed Windows 10 founder before now to stop the device driver endless issue. So back to the future, Timecop, all were wrong, Windows proved it.

The underlying theme of 2021/2 is the delayed “parked” technologies we were due to get last year.

Graphite and solid state batteries. Much higher Wattage, particularly for 0% to 70% full in a few minutes. That will drive 100W and higher USB chargers. I can see many more 100W cables being bought. I see Anker will be forced to make a 100W Nano.

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Moving forward (wave of the future) no stopping Anker! Make a list, folks…