What's in the perfect travel charger

I travel extensively for work and have tried all types of charging solutions, cables, batteries, etc. What I can say for sure is every ounce counts that goes into the bag. I keep my various cords and other kit in smaller bags for easy access and use but over the years I’ve steadily reduced what I carry on trips. To that end I’ve worked to acquire devices that use similar connectivity. With so many connected devices these days, I see new products popping up from random places but I want something built by a company I know and trust. So I put to you all, what’s in your perfect travel charger? Lets see if we can give our friends at Anker some ideas to help make the best charger ever. :smile:

My thoughts:
Weight: under a pound for sure, less than 8oz ideal, even less amazing
Capacity: Enough to charge the newest tech devices twice to include a phone (iphone 7+, galaxy 8+, etc) and watch (iwatch, Samsung, etc) or fitbit/other connected device
Charging: Rapid charge of connected devices (Q3, etc) and rapid recharging of the battery
Ports: USB-C, Micro-USB, USB AND magnetic watch wireless connection
Form factor: Small as possible is great but something along a iphone standard or galaxy 6/7 would be good
Bonus: A digital display to show charge status, time til empty at current draw rate, time til full at charge rate.
A bigger bonus: allow the user pick the port that gets priority charging. Use case: my watch is at 30% but my phone is at 70, I want the watch to take priority charging to achieve a full charge ahead of phone.

So lets hear it, what would everyone’s dream list be for a perfect charging solution?

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Quick Charge 4!
PowerIQ 2!

Ounces? I have no lack of muscle, weight isn’t the problem it is about volume due to moving around a lot and particularly through airports and crowded flights.

This falls into a series of questions:

A) Do I know the location well, the hotel, meeting rooms, airport, etc or not. If I know it well then I take specific products for that location. Example is a frequent trip through a specific hotel, airport, meeting rooms, and then in that trip I take the Powerport5-USBC version as the distance between the power sockets and my devices does not exceed about 6 feet. If I do not know then I take a 12ft power extension cord and the Powerport4 and my phone’s USB-C charger.

B) How long do I expect to need to power off-grid. If I know its going to be a long time off-grid then I take the Powercore 26800 which can power everything for a very long time. If I know I’m only going to have a few hours then I use the Powercore 10000.

C) How many gadgets, what are their power needs. This then steers me to Powerport2, Powerport5, or multiple devices, and the size of the Powercores I need, I have the Mini+, Slim, 10000, 26800.

So really this is about time away from wall sockets, and distances from wall sockets.