What's going on with Flash Deals

I just had one last week that i could never get code - now there is one today that i wanted and none of the GET CODES are working - if i click on the product it takes me right to Amazon.
But the GET CODES have a RED NOT CIRCLE on them.

Contacting Marketing takes upwards of 3 days which means the deals are gone


Just contact anker support and tell them your situation, they should be able to help you out. Just email them and they usually get back in 24-48 hours @Famazzo. I contacted them about their codes once before and they honored it even tho is was over, but I explained it didn’t work when the code was supposed to be valid.

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Hi @Famazzo, sorry you’re having trouble redeeming the Flash Deals!
As @namroc22 mentioned, please reach out to marketing@anker.com mentioning that you’re having issues redeeming the “Power User Flash Deals” and they should be able to assist you with this. Thanks!

Wish I was a power user

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me too :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the same issue… I receive the email for a discount code, click to get the code about 1 min from receiving the email and sadly…Just Grayed out “Get Code” , that in and of itself is a horrible tease… I’ve contacted marketing and now almost 48 hours of waiting for a response. I’ll let ya know what they tell me.

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Any updates?

Ahhh… Yes… After emailing marketing with my situation…it was about 48 hours and they sent me an offer code for the discounted price. Received the item and wrote the review. So I’m pretty impressed by the response time (That Rosa, is a Peach)… I’m not sure however if it impacted the Power User status, because now ALL offers are Grayed out… So, that’ll be the next question sent to Marketing@anker.com

Thanks for the update. Let me know when you hear back from your next question!

Yes, if you added the link to your review on the Power User page and the buttons don’t re-enable within one business day, please email marketing@anker.com and the awesome Rosa (or another employee) will assist you with this. :slight_smile:


Do you have to review items you receive with the flash deals?

Have noticed the grey out issue normally occurs if your review is submitted over the weekend, probably a staffing / missed alert sort of thing. Starting to try and get mine in late or early in the week.