What's going on Anker?!

Now it may just be me and my X-files conspiracy mentality, but…

It appears Anker is going through some changes, and it’s not all for the good. Lack of replies/communications, no posting of winners to contests that ended long ago. Sending out email for 50% off products with a link to Amazon and Amazon says it is currently unavailable, just minutes after the email was sent out.

Still love the products, but something is amiss in the organization and I sure hope they get a handle on it sooner than later.


So I think this is being over ambitious via over reaching into too many social media means for the size of the staff headcount. Each added social media pathway adds more users but then you must add staff to then interact with each medium.

The likes of this forum, Anker created it but they didn’t add any staff, it often takes 24 hours or days to get any @ankerofficial reply, the moderators reply faster but often in hours. The forum, like say Facebook and Twitter are places for people to ask questions, but the reply, when it eventually comes, is usually to email support@anker.com . i.e. the very existence of a FB page, this forum, and the Twitter page adds delay and adds effort.

That flash sale did not become unavailable instantly, it took about 20 minutes. The issue is they sent it an email list they had grown so large that it is inevitable they’d run out of product very quickly.

The Anker social media manager is Lawrence and it is usually Annie who replies.


I totally agree with @nigelhealy. They’re doing too many things and I don’t think they have that many people working at their social media or their marketing. I think Anker should make moderators here in this forum, someone that they can trust or a test that a person can earn their trust.

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I agree with some of @nigelhealy points, in regards to the manpower vs social media expansion which seems to be going on. Having a sub department of their support team would be a good idea with perhaps 2-3 man teams handling the likes of twitter, Facebook and at a stretch the community (although I think their primary idea of the community was mainly letting users help each other with occasional interceptions by @AnkerOfficial , could be wrong on that however).

Another thing is where the support teams are based (which I think is the US) so also dividing up support times would be a factor in their response times.


I totally feel you mle724, that last Easter promo was a tad lame, then this 50% bargain of the century was too good to be true this morning. Now I am still Ankers #1 fan however all too frequently their top products sell out on Amazon (and never come back in stock after waiting weeks for back orders) I am not keen to nab them off Ebay either because of the lack of warranty and bad experiences on Ebay that I have had. I was a bit upset that I could not snag a half price power port 2 elite but who knows, maybe they will have much more similar flash sales in the near future and with products which are well stocked for the huge numbers of Anker fans who are now on their mailing list !
I think Mulder & Scully would be proud of you questioning your gut instincts!

@neildutta @ndalby @luke.cuddehay @nigelhealy @mle724

Hi all! Thank you for the great feedback, we hear you loud and clear. Some of your concerns are valid and we’re working hard to be more transparent and responsive to your voices. We’ve been growing like crazy and are catching up to make the community as awesome as we can. In the name of transparency, I will try to best address some of the issues raised:

  1. Community Updates & Anker Bucks - We’re going to add a whole new Raffles section exclusive to Community members where you can win awesome Anker gear and prizes every week. You’ll be able to use your Anker Bucks to “buy” tickets for the giveaway. Anker Bucks will be gained by engaging on the Community. That means the more you post and comment, the more Anker Bucks you’ll get and the more chances you have to win our raffles. That also means we’re redesigning how you gain levels up and are rewarded Anker Bucks. The Community Raffles is one of the things we’re most excited about. I guarantee it’ll be a load of fun. Stay tuned for more news!

  2. Secondly introducing…me! My name is Louise, and I am the new Anker Community Manager! Every time you see Anker Official, that’s me. I’ll be keeping you informed about our latest deals, newly released gear, everything Anker & tech, and keeping it fun with daily posts and exclusive content. Have a question or want to say hi? Shoot me a message @AnkerOfficial

  3. Lastly, we’ve heard from a number of our fans about the new PowerPort 2 Elite being unavailable. We sent out a 50% discount code and before we knew it, they were all sold out! We apologize for those that couldn’t get it and so we will relaunch the same 50% discount in the next coming weeks. We’ll also make sure to note more clearly if a deal has limited availability.

Have more questions or things to discuss? Post here and I’ll do my best to answer



thanks Louise, appreciate the swift reply :slight_smile:

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Does this include gear? Like t-shirts(more than XXL)

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Yes! Anker brand gear is part of the plan


If you wanted to reward this community, putting in discount codes only in this community would go a long way.

The truth is I find codes in other places more commonly.

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Agree. A rewards program theme. I get the emails with the codes, but within the community would go far. Especially with codes (that don’t run out within minutes)

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Thank you for the feedback. We post codes in the “Deals and Giveaways” section of the forum, but we’ll work on making codes more exclusive just for our community. The new Raffles section will also be exclusive to community members, which means you’ll have chances to win anker gear, products, and discounts for being an active community member.

Also the coupons when you sign up (5,10 and 15 dollars off when you sign up) is only good for orders through Anker and not Amazon. Most o the items are only available through Amazon and not Anker directly from the site. Limited options there.

Sounds good, especially redeeming bucks for tickets, lets just hope the posts and comments are constructive/relevant and not just more of the ‘norm’ to accumulate points from the post…


If you invent a gain by posting you cause a lot of posting. Cause = effect. Hoping is not a strategy.

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Was meant as a subtle hint to the powers that be…if they are redesigning levels and how bucks are rewarded they might also look how to avoid this via throttling points based on word count in a post, cascading posts by the same user etc…no system will be perfect but your right with the cause = effect analogy

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I understand your concern,how to control for low quality posts for Anker bucks? so I think we are able to reset the posting rules. If you also have some good ideas, you can share with us!:sunglasses:

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Nice to meet you Louise, and thank you for the feedback! Glad to know you’re listening and righting the ship!
Still love my Anker products, have them everywhere, home, work car (Qi charger in my car now, and amazingly phone stays put, lol)

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice update, thanks Louise. Looking forward to seeing the new ‘Raffles’ section :slight_smile:

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