What would you guys think of Anker making a smart alarm clock with like many different features?

Maybe including like different types of alarms, weather, stock prices, etc. Would this be cool?

This would definitely be cool! I would love an alarm clock that reads the day’s forecast to me when I get up. :coffee:

I currently use my stereo dock with iPad as a makeshift alarm clock but would be down for an alarm clock with similar features included that I can get from my iPad alarm clock app such as;

  • brightness adjustable (maybe like their Roav glass panel?)
  • weather forecast
  • custom alarm tune
  • alarm schedule

USB ports to charge. Color changing LED numbers. Bluetooth capability to play your own music or connect to wireless headphones. Since some alarm clocks don’t have headphone jack but an auxiliary input.

Atomic clock or a customizable design

This would be cool! I hadn’t thought of the idea, but I’d be interested. Probably fits in their Eufy brand better, but either way would be great!

Combination alarm clock, charging station, speaker dock would be awesome!

I really don’t care that the alarm clock is “smart”. Honestly I’d just love if Anker would make a projection alarm clock with a decent speaker. If you want to make is smart, just building in Google Assistant would be amazing. A projection alarm with a decent speaker and Google Assistant! That would be just amazing.