What would you guys think of an Anker rewards program?

This would be for loyal customers from the Anker website and for a certain amount of money spent, you could get rewards. I feel like it would encourage people to order from the actual website. Thoughts?

Yeah, its works out in the long run though! They make good products of course :slight_smile:

It would have to be pretty damn good to sway me from Amazon Prime. Same day and 1 day shipping is pretty hard to beat.

I would and wouldn’t recommend because some people out there will just buy to get the free things and wouldn’t buy just for the quality of the item

This did exist before, I still show a balance in Anker Bucks. I think thy are working on rebuilding that system.

If I remember correctly you could add purchases from Amazon orders, I hope to see this again.

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I believe you are correct.

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Sounds good. I’ve certainly bought enough products from Anker.

Anyone been able to recently, I have not found how to. Q-mod’s ‘is this coming back soon and is it ever too late’ to add a previous purchase.

There are pages that purchases small samples given away, if they are purchased directly, ie for example, without Amazon as an intermediary.
Anker, could offer discount coupons for future purchases, or USB cables.

I think it’s genius, I’ve bought so many products of theirs straight from the website, it’s a good investment.

Pretty sure something like this is already being worked on.

So you buy stuff just to get rewards and use them to get free stuff, right?

think we need to give anker some time they are going through a lot of website changes and also trying to launch Roav. Hopefully everything will settle down soon

I would be good with the rewards program IF the product I want (Ultra-Thin iPad 2/3/4 Bluetooth Keyboard) is sold on Anker directly. But nope, so my rewards go to waste. I’ve got $30 worth of rewards and the one product I really want isn’t sold on here, just Amazon. Sigh…

I have bought all my anker products through Amazon. I would hope they would reward that as well.

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for the US, most products are only available through Amazon

I have tried to buy direct from the Anker site but it won’t let me. As soon as I click a product it pops up with a buy from Amazon button. Might only work from the US

I’m not interested because I doubt it will apply to discounted products and I only buy discounted. A discount gives me cash savings, which the cash can be spent on anything, while rewards comes with restrictions which is less useful than cash.

With my typical patience I get Anker products between free and 20% discount (e.g. got the Powercore 26800 50% discount).