What would be your dream phones accessories

This includes power banks, wall charges, wirless charges, cable charges, basically anything that can do something with a phone,

AirPower or similar charging accessories that will allow me to charge multiple devices at once wirelessly.


Battery bank phone case.

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Extended battery case that doesn’t look like a brick is high on my list. Also a Bluetooth receiver that has same quality as AUX cable or at least close to it. Had few and wasn’t satisfied.

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My dream phone accessory is karapax case! Cos it’s save my phone’s life, when it jump into the water.:joy:

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We are the same.

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Wireless car charger :heart_eyes: When is it coming to us??

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<3 much love

They announced one called PowerWave earlier this year, I have been waiting at the edge of my seat for it!

I know. Not heard of it since and the PowerWave chargers have been released. I need one :ok_hand:

A hearing aid/headphones with subvocal microphone … No more… Speak up, it’s noisy where you are.

I NEEEEEEEED, OK WANT… to not have to remove my hearing aids every time I want to listen to music or a video.

Plus, I got to carry headphones, then swap over n keep my hearing aids safe… It’s a pain.

Anyone who can do this… Oh, n send me a free sample (programmed with my hearing profile), would be fantastic.