What will happen to the battery? | 3 battery innovations of the future

1.Nanogenerator Technology - Keep a smartwatch charged with your body heat!

Nanogenerator technology provides for the possibility of smart wearables that never need to be charged. With the heat of the body supplying the power for such devices, you’ll never have to think about where you’re getting your next charge again.

2.All-Natural Fuel - A team of scientists have created a toilet that generates electricity from urine! Its design incorporates fuel cells containing bacteria which break down the liquid waste to sustain themselves and generate electricity.

Maybe it sounds a bit gross to us today, but might our future cities be powered by pee?

3.New Nuclear Innovations - Another team of experts have designed a man-made diamond which, when exposed to radiation, generates an electrical current. Future uses of this technology may include using nuclear waste itself for energy, preventing power crises and solving issues related to safe disposal of nuclear by product.

Which of these technologies are you most interested in? What do you think the next ten years has in store for battery technology? Let’s discuss!


Wow,Turning pee into electricity,that’s sounds interesting


Solar fabric.

From motion


Bioo plant charger–already exists and can be bought now. :grin:

So many options here.

I just want Anker to make batteries that last longer and charge faster whichever technology it has in mind :yum:

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Can’t wait for safe Nuclear powered by one of the most abundant elements Thorium & eats old nuclear waste. This technology was invented before today’s reactors but was not implemented because today’s reactors we’re created to run submarines.

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Or this

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I can’t wait for the future. I know Anker will play part in the future.


I am excited for any future. LET IT HAPPEN ALREADY!!!

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Check this out holds x2.5 the charge of current lithium batteries and can charge in as little as 1 min.

I am interested to see Graphene super capacitor batteries. I would also like to see them being utilized more than others

The problem with this is its limited use in colder climates. But once they are able to pass that hurdle it would be interesting to see where it goes

I don’t see that stated anywhere in the article. It does say that they will operate in colder climates unlike current lithium batteries that perform poorly in cold weather, Point is that the of future of Battery Technology isn’t far off and looks very bright. These new battery Technology’s will double or triple capacity and be made out of cheaper more available materials.

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Electrici-pee :joy::joy: Sry couldn’t help myself

We need an energy storage breakthrough to make better use of renewable energy sources.

As it is we’re already going to lose Florida.