What we all can do!

I take always a look at ANKER products at AMAZON.de.

There are many questions from customers which need to be answered correctly.
This way we will help “our company” a lot! :smiley:


I answer a lot of product questions on the US Amazon site. Agree with you that it’s very helpful and it’s also usually fun!

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Amazon sends me emails from time to time asking me to answer questions. It is indeed a helpful way to give other customers your personal experience.

It’s interesting, though, that some people might feel obligated to answer when Amazon asks. There are a lot of answers like “I couldn’t say, gave this as a gift.” or “Never used it myself, bought for my wife”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe Amazon should include a line saying “you are in no way obligated to answer this question. No punishment or restriction will come from you not answering it. The goal of this is to pass other customers your personal experience, thus helping their decision. Please refrain answering if you haven’t used the product.”


These are the kind of answers from users we do find here at our forum also.
Just leaving some meaningless words.

Must admit, I will sometimes leave a sarcastic reply, but to questions like…

Q… do these headphones play drum n bass
A… nope, they only accept classical music.

But, yes, some answers are completely useless.
Personally, if I don’t know, or feel I can’t help, I don’t answer/reply

Never really understood why people left comments like that lol. They aren’t helpful at all.


I’ve been guilty of leaving a couple of sarcastic replies but only for stupid questions. I normally just leave an unbiased honest response based on experience.

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